What about all these other labels?

The labeling of food in Thailand is a bit confusing at present. The most reliable labels are “organic” and “safe”. If the Government has certified the producer or supplier, the food package will include one of these logos.

Organic Thailand
Organic food logo
Q logo
Food Safety logo

Here are some of the other labels you might come across:

Hygienic food

“Hygienic” is an old label created by the Department of Agriculture. Approximately 400 farms passed an inspection under the “Hygienic Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Production Pilot Project”. This label does not mean that the food was grown without pesticides, but the farmers are carefully controlling the use of these chemicals. These farms will probably have started using the “Safe Food” by now.

Clean food

“Clean food” is an old label created by the Ministry of Public Health. The “Clean Food – Good Taste” project started in 1989 with the aim of improving standards of food hygiene in restaurants and food stalls. This label does not mean that the food was grown without pesticides, but it is probably free from bacteria and other biological contaminants.

Hydroponic food

This is food that is grown without soil; crops are planted in pots or trays that are kept in greenhouses. This does not mean the crop is pesticide free. Chemicals are used in hydroponic crops, but the amount is easier to control than in outdoor crops.

Pesticide-free, Non-toxic, Healthy food, etc.

These are labels created by producers, wholesalers or retailers. They want to tell you that these foods are safer than other products, but the standards are not published or officially approved.

Hydroponics farm
Hydroponic vegetables are produced without soil. The plants grow in a solution of fertilizer and nutrients.
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