Coin Throw (version 1)


This is a “Coin Throw” targeting exercise to encourage team spirit. To achieve the target of a team, all members have to contribute with their full ability. The success of a team depends on the cumulative performance of the members.


  1. To involve all the members in the group activities


  • 20 minutes


  • A piece of chalk-pencil
  • A coin


  1. Draw on the floor with a chalk-pencil three circles with a common centre but different diameters.
  2. Mark the inner most circle with “+15”, the middle one with “-10”, the outer one with “+10” and mark the space outside of the circles with “-15”.
  3. Mark a starting point at about 4 feet from the periphery of the outer most circle.
  4. The participants are divided in 3 or 4 groups of equal size.
  5. Ask the participants to stand in line with their group and throw the coin one by one.
  6. Write down the score obtained by the individual participants under each group.
  7. After completing every body’s participation, count total score of each group and declare the best group which has got highest score.
  8. Now allow the groups to discuss the best strategy of throwing coins.
  9. Repeat the game, count scores and declare the group with the highest score.


Some guidelines for discussion

  1. Which group has got least score and why?
  2. Which group has got highest score and why?
  3. Did the groups improve after discussing a better strategy?
  4. Which lesson we have learnt from this exercise?
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