Natural Defenders, Pests and Diseases


This exercise will help the participants to better remember the names of natural defenders (beneficial insects), pests and diseases. It is a quick exercise that can be used as an icebreaker or as a starter for a session on defenders, pests and diseases. Use it in an FFS after participants have become a bit familiar with names of pests and natural enemies, for example after the 3rd AESA.


  1. To learn and recall names of natural defenders, pests and diseases.


  • 15 minutes


  • None


  1. Ask the participants to sit in a circle.
  2. Give them the following instructions:

       – When the name of a natural defender is mentioned, everybody should sit straight with the arms folded and a smile on the face.

       – When the name of a pest is mentioned, everybody should shout AHHH, and cover their face with their hands.

       – When the name of a disease is mentioned, everybody should stand up, raise their arms and their faces showing an expression of shock (but in silence)
  3. Call out names quickly.
  4. Participants who are not able to do the actions at the count of three are eliminated.
  5. Ask one of the participants to take over and call out names.

Some guidelines for discussion

  1. Why do you show different expressions when hearing the names of pests, defenders and diseases?
  2. Mention the name of diseases that were used during the game?
  3. Name the insect pests that were used in the game?
  4. Name the defenders that were used in the game?
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