Battle of Sports


The “Battle of Sports” is an activity that can be used as an icebreaker. It demonstrates the value of planning and coordination in successful teamwork.


  • 15 minutes


  • None


  1. Divide the participants into four groups.
  2. Assign one sport and action to each group as follows:
    • Group 1:   Basketball – Shoot
    • Group 2:   Cricket – Bat
    • Group 3:   Volleyball – Smash
    • Group 4:   Soccer – Kick
  3. Ask one group to start the game. The group should say its sport and its action three times and then call out the sport and corresponding action of the group it has chosen to be next. When calling the action, they perform the action at the same time (with hands or feet).
  4. The group that is selected does the same.
    For example if group 2 begins, they shout:
        “Cricket, bat, cricket, bat, cricket, bat, soccer, kick”.
    Then group 4 continues:
        “Soccer, kick, soccer, kick, soccer, kick, volleyball, smash”
    and so on.
  5. Eliminate a group that makes a mistake in calling out or doing the actions.
  6. Continue until one winning group remains.

Some guidelines for discussion

  1. Ask the winners why they think they won?
  2. Why did your group not make a mistake?
  3. How did you choose which group to call out next?
  4. Did you have a leader? How did you select the leader?

Accept all answers as this will encourage the participants to share in the discussion.

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