Rubber Band Passing


“Rubber Band Passing” is a very easy and funny exercise to stimulate the members of the group. It can be used as an ice breaker.


  1. To involve all the members in a group activity
  2. To create a happy atmosphere


  • 15 minutes


  • A piece rubber band per group
  • One pen or pencil per person.


  1. A rubber band has to be passed from one person to another within a group.
  2. Ask the groups to form one line each.
  3. Ask the participants to hold a pen in their mouth. The first one will hold a rubber band with the pen in his/her mouth.
  4. When the signal is given, the first person in the line will pass the rubber band to his/her neighbor without taking assistance from their hands. The rubber band will be passed from one person to another only through mouth.
  5. The rubber band has to be passed from the first person to the last person and then will have to come back to the first person following the same procedure.
  6. The group which finishes first will be the winner.

Some guidelines for discussion

  1. Which group was last and why?
  2. Which group was first and why?
  3. Which lesson we have learnt from this exercise?

Rubber band passing

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