Mental Map


At the beginning of an FFS it is worthwhile to find out what the participants know and think about IPM or ICM The facilitators can thus get an idea of the level of the participants and find out if there are any misconceptions about IPM / ICM. This “Mental Map” exercise should be done at the beginning of an FFS, but could also be repeated at the end of an FFS to notice the differences and change in perception.


  1. To find out what the participants know about IPM / ICM.
  2. To compare the differences and change in perception about IPM / ICM.


  • 45-60 minutes


  • Big sheets of paper for each group (art paper)
  • Marker pens
  • Paper tape


  1. Ask the participants for 5 or 10 minutes to think what they know about IPM / ICM.
  2. Put several sheets of art paper on the floor and with each paper a few marker pens.
  3. Now ask the participants (in small groups) to go to the pieces of paper and write or draw their thoughts about IPM / ICM. Participants who cannot write can be asked to make drawings or they may take help from other participants to write down their thoughts.
  4. Allow enough time that everybody can contribute his thoughts to the papers.
  5. Put the papers in front of the group and discuss the ideas and thoughts written on them.
  6. At the end of the FFS season, when the exercise is repeated you can evaluate if there are any change in ideas about IPM / ICM.

Some guidelines for discussion

  1. There are no right or wrong answers. Discuss all the points that were written down.
  2. Stimulate exchange of views between the participants while discussing the thoughts they wrote down.
  3. If needed, write down more points that came up during the discussion.
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