Visit fields during a field day

Field day

Welcome sign for field dayTowards the end of the season we start planning a field day. During the field day the FFS farmers get the opportunity to show what they have learned to other farmers in their community. Also we can invite some key persons (e.g. local politicians, governors, school teachers, etc.) who can help promote IPM and who can play a role in setting up more field schools in the next seasons.

Booth in a field day

The best moment to organize a field day is at the end of the season, just before harvest with the crop still in the field. Our visitors can then observe the IPM plot and the FP plot and other field experiments that were carried out by the farmers.

Visit fields during a field day

Don’t forget to prepare some insect zoos with pests and natural enemies, so that we have life examples to show to our guests.

Display in a field day

School children visit a field day

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