So what type of poison is there in our food?

There are three major sources of concern relating to food safety in Thailand:

  • Chemical contamination. This includes pesticides and antibiotics that are used by farmers to help them reduce crop losses. Some of these chemicals remain in the food when it reaches the consumer.
  • Biological contamination. This includes bacteria (e.g. Salmonella), mould and other micro-organisms. These things start to grow on food when it is processed under unhygienic conditions, or it is not stored properly.
  • Illegal preservatives and additives. This includes borax, formalin, and toxic food colouring. These are added by wholesalers and retailers to improve the appearance of the food.

This booklet focuses on the problem of pesticides. These chemicals are dangerous, and they end up on your plate every day. If we want to have Safe Food in the Kitchen of the World, we have got to do something about the way pesticides are used in Thailand.

Malathion bottle pesticide
Pesticides that are used by farmers often leave residues on the crops. Small amounts of these toxic chemicals can be found in the food we eat every day.
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