Quality indicators of the FFS

It is a good habit for a facilitator to look back after each FFS session and reflect upon the quality of the training. Here are some questions that can help evaluating the session so you can better prepare for the following weeks.

Did at least 80% of the farmers participate in today’s session? Why did some farmers not attend? How can you get better attendance?

Were paper, colored crayons, plastic bags, sweep net, hand lens, materials for insect zoo available? What was missing?

Did you start the FFS with a summary of last week’s session and a presentation of today’s program? Did you involve farmers in refreshing their memory about last week’s session?

Were all AESA drawings of previous sessions available? Did farmers use these older AESA drawings to compare changes in the crop situation?

Did all farmers spend time in the field observing the IPM plot, the FP plot and field experiments? During the field observations did you ask questions about what they observe?

Had the IPM plot been managed according to the decisions of last week’s AESA? If not, then what went wrong? How can this be avoided next time?

Did farmers collect life specimens (insects, disease symptoms, weeds) from the field for use in the AESA?

Did 100% of the farmers participate in the AESA and analyzing the field situation? Did you make sure that even shy or quiet farmers participate? How did you do that?

Did at least 3 farmers lead discussions during the AESA presentation? How did you stimulate them to take the lead?

Were 100% of the farmers involved in decision making for the IPM plot? Did you ask questions to keep the discussion going? Did you agree who is responsible for carrying out decisions?

Did you stimulate farmers to share their experiences in response to what they learned today? How did you make sure that farmers are prepared to share their knowledge?

Did you stimulate farmers to come up with questions that can be used for further learning? How did you respond to these questions? Did you use these learning opportunities?

Did you summarize today’s observations of IPM-FP plot and other field experiment plots?

Were all insect zoos maintained in good condition? Did 100% of the farmers observe the insect zoos?

Did you start more insect zoos, based on field observations or questions by farmers? How did you make sure that all farmers share responsibilities in taking care of these insect zoos?

Did you have a group dynamics activity? Did the farmers enjoy it? Did it contribute to group building?

Was the special topic selected by the farmers? Were you well prepared on that topic (materials, questions, exercises)?

Did you agree with the farmers on time and location for next meeting? Are all farmers committed to this?

Did you feel 100% satisfied about this session? Did you run this session as a facilitator, or did you lecture? Was your time management ok? Did the farmers enjoy learning? What were the problems you faced during this session?

Make a list of “things to do” for the next FFS session!!!

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