Seven Up Game


This “Seven Up Game” is conducted to get some recreation by the participants, but it also teaches the benefit of listening to the directions of a leader and responding accordingly.


  1. To inspire the participants to be attentive to the sessions or doing any other activity.
  2. To create a happy atmosphere


  • 15 minutes


  • None


  1. The participants will stand in a big circle.
  2. The facilitator will instruct clearly to the participants how to play the game.
  3. The game is played by calling numbers and placing hands on the head, following some instructions. The instructions are:
    • One persons starts by saying “1” and immediately places a hand on his/her head. This can be the right hand pointing to the left, or the left hand pointing to the right.
    • If the hand points to the left, then the person on his left side is next. This person has to call “2”, the next person calls “3”, etc.
    • This continues until we reach number “7”. The person who would call number “7” has to remain silent but instead puts a hand on his/her head, pointing either left or right.
    • Then the game restarts: If the hand points to the left, then the person on the left will start with “1”. But if the hand points right, then the person on the right starts with “1”.
  4. Those who can’t follow the instruction will be disqualified and are removed from the circle.
  5. The game can be continued until two participants remain in the circle and they will be declared as winners.

Some guidelines for discussion

  1. Why did many participants drop out of the game?
  2. How did these two become the winners?
  3. What lesson we have learnt from this exercise?
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