Who in the Government is responsible for food safety?

The Ministry of Public Health is responsible for the implementation of both The Food Act and the Public Health Act. A Committee representing many different Government Departments controls the implementation of the Hazardous Substances Act.

Within the Ministry of Public Health, the following organisations play a role in food safety:

  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the main agency responsible for implementing The Food Act, and thereby ensuring that Thai food is safe and clean. The FDA sets standards, issues import licenses and registers food products.
  • Provincial Offices of Public Health support the FDA at the local level by, for example, carrying out inspections of markets and restaurants.
  • The Department of Medical Science (DOMS) carries out research into food safety, including analysis of food samples.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative also plays an important role in food safety, through the work of the following organisations:

  • The Department of Agriculture (DOA) is responsible for controlling the use of pesticides under The Hazardous Substances Act. Within the DOA, both the Office of Research and Development on Agricultural Production Science and the Office of Agricultural Regulatory take care of registering pesticides.
  • The Department of Agricultural Extension (DOAE) is responsible for training farmers. This includes training in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Pomelo in market
Market places are inspected to ensure that food is safe.

Field observations
Field observations in a Farmer Field School. The IPM training takes place in the field of the farmers.

FFS AESA presentation
In a Farmer Field School farmers become actively involved in learning about their own crops.

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