Can these chemicals actually kill somebody?

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Yes. The amount of pesticide required to kill a person depends on a number of factors. The most important factors are: the toxicity and amount of the chemical, the size of the person and the type of exposure.

If an average size man (70 kg) was to accidentally drink a pesticide, these are the amounts that would probably cause him to die:

Toxicity ClassLethal Dose
Ia - Extremely Hazardousa few drops
(less than 1 ml)
Ib - Highly Hazardousless than a teaspoon
(1 to 5 ml)
II - Moderately Hazardousbetween one and six teaspoons
(5 - 30 ml)
III - Slightly Hazardousbetween six teaspoons and 2 cups
(30 - 500 ml)
IV - Unlikely to be Hazardousmore than 2 cups
(more than 500 ml

Children are more sensitive and would be killed by even smaller doses of the chemical.

Yellow skull warning
Pesticides can kill. Many pesticides carry the well-know skull as a warning.
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