Agonoscelis pubescens (Thunberg)

Agonoscelis pubescens
Agonoscelis pubescens.
Adult bug, length 13 mm.

Scientific name: Agonoscelis pubescens (Thunberg)
Common name: Cluster Bug
Synonyms: Agonoscelis versicolor F.

Order: Heteroptera
Family: Pentatomidae

Main hosts: Sorghum, Sesame
Alternative hosts: Cowpea, Soybean, Pigeon pea, Sunflower

Minor pest of: Sorghum, Sesame

Adult and immature bugs feed on the heads of sorghum. In pulses, the feeding results in pod damage and discoloration.

Egg: The whitish or creamy eggs are barrel shaped. They are laid on the leaves or other parts of the plant in groups of about 30. They hatch after 3 5 days.

Nymph: The nymphs resemble the adults, but they are wingless. There are 5 nymphal instars. The nymphal period takes 3 4 weeks.

Adult: The adults are shield shaped bugs. They are up to 14 mm long and 7 mm wide. The upper side has a straw yellow to reddish brown colour with many brown punctures. The underside is yellowish brown with black spiracles. The black antennae are 5 segmented. The legs are yellowish brown. The fore wings have a thickened basal part which is bright red on the underside. The top of the fore wing is membranous with black veins. These insects are usually found feeding in groups.

Usually no control is needed.

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