Did you take your poison today?

The answer to this question is probably ‘yes’.

There is a good chance that some of the fruit, vegetables or meat that you eat today will contain poisonous chemicals.

We are talking about ordinary food: the things you buy in the market, cook at home, eat in restaurants, and give to your children. You need to know that some of that food isn’t safe.

The amount of poison in your food is usually very small, but there is enough to make the Government worried about the effect on your health. That is why the Prime Minister has decided to promote ‘Safe Food’. If it were already completely safe he wouldn’t have to do that, would he?

Different Government agencies are working together to solve this problem – especially the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) and the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH)– but they cannot succeed without your help. Everybody has a role to play in promoting Safe Food: farmers, retailers, restaurant owners and consumers. Everybody should understand the problem, and know what they can do about it. Young and old, men and women, we need to work together to make Thai food safe to eat.

Child eating
We love our food. Unfortunately, not all the food we eat is safe.
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