Field observations during FFS session

FFS session

FFS session field observationsA typical FFS session will take 3 to 4 hours and will have the following schedule:

  • Introduction
    • Summarize what was done last week and present today’s program
  • Field visit / Field observations
    • IPM plot
    • FP plot
    • Field experiments
    • Collect data
    • Collect samples
    • Start analyzing the field situation. The facilitators observe the field together with the farmers and ask questions to start discussions.
  • Field observations during FFS session

  • AESA drawing / discussions within small group
    • Detailed analysis of the field situation.
    • The facilitator asks questions to stimulate critical thinking.
  • AESA presentation
    • Decision making for IPM plot
    • Agree on work to be done.
      • Who is responsible?
      • When will it be done?
  • FFS session AESA drawing

  • Set up insect zoos
    • Observe and record insect zoo activities
  • Group dynamics exercise
  • Special topic
  • Summarize and plan for next week
    • Special topic requests

AESA drawing during FFS session

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