Data recording - Height of plants

Data recording

Data recording - Weighing harvest

Why keeping data?

When observing the crop (IPM plot, FP plot, field experiments) or the insect zoo, we need to record data:

  • to keep records of what has happened
  • to help us making an analysis and draw conclusions

How to keep data?

  • Notebook
  • Drawings

Data recording - Height of plants

What data?

  • Plant growth (weekly)
    • Height of plant
    • Number of leaves
  • Crop situation (e.g. for AESA)
    • Plant health
    • Pests, diseases, weeds
    • Natural Enemies
    • Soil
    • Water
    • Weather condition
  • Inputs costs (cost/rai)
    • Seeds
    • Fertilizer
    • Pesticides
    • Labor
  • Harvest
    • Yield (kilo/area)
    • Price of produce (price/kilo)

Data recording - Field observations

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