Working with Parts


In successful teamwork, the participation of each individual is important. Before starting a discussion on team building, this “Working With Parts” exercise can show the importance of each individual in a team.


  1. To demonstrate the importance of individual participation in successful teamwork.
  2. To show the essential or effective role of each individual.


  • 30 minutes


  • An illustration of a bicycle, with all parts labeled. (If possible have a real bicycle standing in front of the group)


  1. Put up the illustration of the bicycle in front of the big group.
  2. Ask the participants which part is the most important (expect different responses from the participants).
  3. Ask them to explain why they feel that the part they mentioned is the most important. Accept all responses as there are no right or wrong answers in this exercise.
  4. When everybody has had his/her time to speak, ask if the bicycle would work with any of its parts missing.
  5. Now ask them to think the bicycle parts as individuals in a group.
  6. Discuss the importance of individual participation in successful teamwork.
  7. In this entire exercise, accept all answers given by the participants. This will encourage them to participate in the discussion. Make sure that everybody had a chance to speak.

Instead of a bicycle, this exercise can also be done with parts of a spraying machine or torch light. Start the exercise by asking participants to mention all parts of a spraying machine or torch light and draw it in front of them.


Some guidelines for discussion

  1. Name the parts of the given instrument (bicycle, sprayer, torch light)
  2. Which parts are very important and which are less important?
  3. If any part is missing, what happens?
  4. Conclude that every member of a group is important for the functioning of the group, just like the parts in the drawing.
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