Coin Throw (version 2)


This is a “Coin Throw” exercise to make it understandable that not all businesses are profitable. There is always some risk involved. Before starting you have to consider your own experience and the risks.


  1. Create awareness for club members before starting and investing in an ambitious activity.


  • 2 minutes


  • a bucket
  • a coin


  1. The participants are divided in 3 or 4 groups of equal size.
  2. Place a bucket on the floor
  3. Mark a starting point with different distances i.e. 3, 5, 7 and 10 meters.
  4. Explain the scoring system as mentioned below
  5. Distance (meters) Score (points)
    3 300
    5 500
    7 700
    10 1000

  6. Explain to the participants that each group can play the game 3 times, but they have to choose in advance at which distances they want to play the game (it is possible to use 3 times the same distance or to use a different distance every time)
  7. Each group selects 3 persons to play the game.
  8. Ask the participants to throw the coin into the bucket one by one.
  9. Write down the score obtained by the individuals under each group.
  10. After completing, count total score of each group and declare the best group which has got highest score.

Some guidelines for discussion

  1. Which group has got least score and why?
  2. Which group has got highest score and why?
  3. Which lesson we have learnt from this exercise?
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