Car Boat Plane


Use this “Car Boat Plane” game as an icebreaker, to wake people up between sessions.


  • 10-15 minutes


  • Chairs, or markers on the floor


  1. Ask all participants to sit in a circle. If no individual chairs are available, ask them to stand in a circle and use markers (for example: paper tape) on the floor to indicate each position.
  2. The facilitator (without a position in the circle) will be the leader at the start of the game.
  3. Explain that if the leader says:
        “CAR”: all participants move one space to the right
        “BOAT”: all participants move one space to the left
       “PLANE”: all participants move to a space across from where they are
  4. The leader will now say “CAR” or “BOAT” or “PLANE”.
  5. After saying “plane”, when people start moving, the leader can quickly take over one of the positions. The person who fails to get a seat then becomes the leader.

The facilitator can easily modify this game by using different words and different motions. For example on a day when you discuss weather or climate (or climate change) you could use RAIN, DROUGHT and CYCLONE and use matching sounds or motions.

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