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Did you take your poison today?

Your poison cover

The report “Did you take your poison today?” was written, designed and produced by the IPM DANIDA project (Andrew Bartlett, Hein Bijlmakers) to provide a wide audience with information on pesticides in Thailand. The report contains many facts on pesticide hazards and also includes the opinions of a number of people who were interviewed on this subject.

The document is available in Thai and English. It can be downloaded as PDF file or it can be viewed as web pages.

Thailand flag  your_poison_today_thai (2.1 MB)

UK flag  your_poison_today_english (2.2 MB)

IPM Farmer Field Schools: Refresh your Memory

Farmer Field Schools for IPM

This guide has been designed as a collection of suggestions to refresh the memory of Farmer Field School (FFS) facilitators who graduated from a season-long Training of Trainers (TOT) course. It provides them with practical information and tips for planning, running, and evaluating their FFS. The guide is not meant to be a training manual for new facilitators.

The document is available in Thai and English. It can be downloaded as PDF file but can also be viewed as web pages.

Thailand flag  refresh_your_memory_thai (5.7 MB)

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Training manuals on health effects of pesticides

Cover farmer kid manual (Thai)

Two training manuals on the health effects of pesticides were written by Helen Murphy. Both manuals are available in Thai and English and can be downloaded as PDF files.

One manual contains the curriculum for a training program (for farmers or school children) that prepares the participants to conducts a cross-sectional survey on the health effects of pesticides in their community.

Thailand flag  farmer_kid_manual_thai (0.8 MB)

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Cover surveillance manual (Thai)

The second manual is for a training of farmers to start a self-surveillance system to study the effects of pesticides on health over a longer period of time.

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For more information on the health effects of pesticides, see also: Pesticides and farmers’ health.

Working with natural enemies

Cover Understanding natural enemies (Thai)

CABI Bioscience has published a series of bulletins on Natural Enemies. The first bulletin with the title “Understanding Natural Enemies” was, with permission, translated to Thai language and can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Thailand flag  understanding_natural_enemies_thai (2.9 MB)

Cover conserving augmenting naturel enemies (Thai)

The second and third bulletin, “Conserving natural enemies” and “Augmenting natural enemies” were also with permission translated to Thai and were combined into one document, which can be downloaded below as PDF file.

Thailand flag  conserving_augmenting_natural_enemies_thai (4.6 MB)

Cabbage Ecological Guide

Cover cabbage ecological guide (Thai)

The FAO Inter-Country Programme for Vegetables IPM has produced an Ecological Guide for Cabbage Integrated Pest Management. This guide provides general technical background information on cabbage production supplemented with IPM field experiences from various sources. The guide was translated to Thai language and can be downloaded below as a PDF file.

Thailand flag  cabbage_ecological_guide_thai

Download the English version of the Cabbage Ecological Guide.

Natural enemies of Diamond Back Moth

Newsletter DBM

An IPM newsletter entirely dedicated to Diamond Back Moth (DBM) and its natural enemies can be downloaded here. It gives information on parasitoids of Diamondback moth in Thailand and gives details on how to rear diamondback moth larvae to look for parasitoids.

Thailand flag  Newsletter_DBM_(Thai) (0.6 MB)

UK flag  Newsletter_DBM_(English) (0.7 MB)

Grower’s guide to Bt

Bt Basics for Vegetable Integrated Pest Management

Two IPM newsletters entirely dedicated to the use of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt).

The “Growers’ Guide to Bt” gives information for farmers on the use of Bt to manage Diamondback moth.

UK flag  Newsletter_Growers_guide_Bt_(English) (0.4 MB)

Thailand flag  Newsletter_Growers_guide_Bt_(Thai) (0.4 MB)

The “Bt Basics for Vegetable IPM” is a Bt newsletter for IPM facilitators.

UK flag  Newsletter_Facilitators_guide_Bt_(English) (0.7 MB)

Thailand flag  Newsletter_Facilitators_guide_Bt_(Thai) (1 MB)

Pesticide Health Surveys

Pesticide-health surveys were carried out by a number of farmer groups in Thailand. Data collected by some of these farmer groups are now available in these 5 reports in PDF format.

Data of 606 farmers in Thailand

Thailand flag  Health_data_606_(Thai)

UK flag  Health_data_606_(English)

Data of 123 farmers in Chainat, Thailand, August-September 2004

Thailand flag  Health_data_123_Chainat_(Thai)

UK flag  Health_data_123_Chainat_(English)

Data of 124 farmers in Mae Wang, Chiang Mai, Thailand, May 2004

Thailand flag  Health_data_124_Mae_Wang_(Thai)

UK flag  Health_data_124_Mae_Wang_(English)

Data of 109 farmers in Chaiprakarn, Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 2004

Thailand flag  Health_data_109_Chaiprakarn_(Thai)

UK flag  Health_data_109_Chaiprakarn_(English)

Data of 79 farmers in Petchaboon, Thailand, January 2005

UK flag  Health_data_79_Petchaboon_(English)


A newsletter on safe food “Safe food starts at the farm” informs consumers about the health effects of pesticides.

UK flag  Newsletter_safe_food_(English)

Another newsletter gives information on pesticide-health surveys that were carried out by farmers in Kanchanaburi and Phitsanulok (See also: Pesticides and farmers’ health)

UK flag  Newsletter_pesticides_health_(English)

Newsletters (Thai)

Newsletter #13 is about “Dangers of Pesticides”

Thailand flag  Newsletter_IPM_13_(Thai)

Newsletter #14 is about “Training for Trainers, IPM Meeting in Kanjanaburi Province”

Thailand flag  Newsletter_IPM_14_(Thai)

Newsletter #15 is about “Meeting for IPM Farmer Fields School in Phitsanulok Province”

Thailand flag  Newsletter_IPM_15_(Thai)

Newsletter #16 includes a success story of IPM Danida and the strawberry project of the Royal Project Foundation

Thailand flag  Newsletter_IPM_16_(Thai)

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