Hand weeding

Weed management

FFS farmers learn about weed management

Weeds compete with the crop for water, nutrients, space and light. But weeds also provide shelter for natural enemies. Flowering weeds provide food for adult parasitoid wasps. When weed control is needed, always consider if it is necessary to remove all weeds. It may be useful to keep some pockets of weeds as a refuge or food for natural enemies.

Hand weedingWeeds can be controlled in various ways. In IPM, chemical control should only be used as a last option. Especially the use of non-selective herbicides should be avoided because they destroy bio-diversity.

Weed management methods include:

  • Mechanical control
  • Use of cover crops
  • Use of mulch
  • Water management
  • Chemical control
    • Only to be used as a last option
    • Avoid Paraquat, it is the most dangerous herbicide
    • Select the least toxic product available

Mulching preserves moisture and helps in weed control

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