Insect identification in an FFS

Insect identification

FFS farmers learn about insect identification.

Insect identification in an FFSWhen we collect insects from the field there is a lot we want to learn about them:

Naming the insect:

  • Don’t use scientific names when talking with farmers
  • Use common names; preferably local names used by the farmers
  • Invent names if needed

Recognizing the insect:

  • Study the body part:
    • Shape
    • Color
    • Function
  • Use identification guides or manuals
    • Photos
    • Drawings
  • Know the life cycle
    • Egg
    • Larva or nymph
    • Pupa
    • Adult
  • Larva of ladybird beetle with aphids

  • What is its function in the ecosystem?
    • Herbivore (is it a pest?)
    • Predator
    • Parasitoid
    • Neutral
  • Study its behavior
    • Activities, movement, dispersal in the field
    • Searching behavior
    • Feeding behavior
    • Where do they hide or rest?
  • Keep records
    • Make drawings
    • Keep specimens for reference
    • Note down what you learned
  • Bean pod borer adult

  • Start experiments to learn more
    • Insect zoo
    • Field cages
    • Use of traps
  • Training materials to study insects
    • Hand lenses
    • Plastic bags
    • Sweep nets
    • Aspirator
    • Insect zoo
    • Traps

Pupal parasitoid

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