The QuEChERS method for Pesticide Residue Testing

The QuEChERS method is a multi-class, multi-residue method that can analyze for more than 100 pesticides, including the pyrethroids, in a variety of matrices. The method is called “QuEChERS” which stand for Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe. It is developed to avoid all time consuming step, to be cheap etc. The cost of chemical is about 45 Baht per sample.

The procedure is very simple and can be done within few hours. The sample is extracted with an organic solvent.

Kedsiri laboratory residue testing

Kedsiri laboratory residue testing

By adding different chemical the pesticides are separated from the water phase into the organic phase.

Test tubes for residue testing

A part of organic phase is cleaned up by adding a clean-up reagent.

Tube for residue testing

Then the sample is immediately analyzed by gas chromatography, GC to identify and quantify the wide range of pesticide residues.

Residue test equipment GLC

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