Further reading in English

Use this collection of books, reports and websites to learn more about pesticides and the problems they cause.


  • Carson, Rachel L. (1962) Silent Spring. ISBN 0-395-68329-7
  • Colborn, T. , Dumanoski, D. and Myers, J.P. (1997). Our Stolen Future. ISBN 0-452-27414-1
  • Dennis Parke, Miriam Jacobs and Barbara Dinham (eds) (2003). Silent Invaders: Pesticides, livelihoods and women’s health. Zed Books in association with PAN UK, London, 2003, ISBN 1 85649 996 0, 342pp
  • Peter Beaumont, (1993), Pesticides, Policies and People. Published by The Pesticides Trust, London, ISBN 0-9521656-0-0
  • Christopher Robbins (1991) Poisoned Harvest: A Consumer’s Guide to Pesticide Use and Abuse. Gollancz. ISBN 0575047976
  • Robert Van Den Bosch (1989), The Pesticide Conspiracy. Published by the University of California Press. ISBN 0-520068238

Reports and other documents

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