Group Dynamics Exercises

In almost all Farmer Field School (FFS) sessions the facilitators will include a Group Dynamics Exercise which will help to create a good atmosphere and develop a closer relationship and trust between farmers and facilitators. Sometimes this will be in the form of a role play which can form a kind of introduction to more technical content. Sometimes it is just an icebreaker to create a relaxed atmosphere.

The following is a list of group dynamics exercises and ice-breakers that are regularly used in Farmer Field Schools on Integrated Crop Management in Bangladesh. Many of these can be used or adapted for use in other Farmer Field Schools or training courses.

  1. Role play to present the name of the group
  2. List as many objects as you can
  3. Working with parts
  4. Protecting oneself
  5. Whispering game (message relay)
  6. The longest line
  7. Drawing without lifting the pen
  8. River crossing
  9. Water brigade
  10. Puzzles
  11. Coin throw (targeting) version 1
  12. Coin throw (targeting) version 2
  13. Mental map exercise
  14. Car – Boat – Plane
  15. Natural defenders, pests and diseases
  16. Pic – Pac – Boom
  17. Parasitization
  18. Tied together
  19. Tie strings together
  20. Titanic (The boat is sinking)
  21. Blindfold exercise
  22. IPM Story
  23. Catch the dragon’s tail
  24. Clapping fours
  25. Battle of sports
  26. Silent role plays
  27. Front or behind?
  28. Line up
  29. How many squares?
  30. Nine dots game
  31. Rubber band passing
  32. Cup relay
  33. Role play on predation
  34. Finding lost items
  35. Breaking sticks (The old man with five quarreling sons)
  36. Role play on healthy seed
  37. Seven up game
  38. Role play on pesticide
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