Ladybird beetles Natural enemies of aphids

Natural enemies

In the FFS the participants learn about natural enemies, which are beneficial insects for the farmer.
Larva of hover fly Natural enemy of aphids
Integrated Pest Management consists of strategies that conserve and augment beneficial insects. In the Farmer Field School we learn to recognize natural enemies and to understand their role in the ecosystem. Every crop management decision we take is aimed at conserving predators and parasitoids (e.g. avoid pesticides) and creating an environment in which they can survive and multiply.

The pictures on this page show some examples of predators and parasitoids.

Assassin bug Predator of caterpillars

Damselfly is a predator


Parasitoid on a pupa

Spiders are natural enemies of insects

Ladybird beetles Natural enemies of aphids

Fungus killing an insect

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