What types of pesticide are used in Thailand?

Note: This text was written in 2003, so some of the information may be out-of-date.

More than 300 chemicals are used to control pests in Thailand. These are sold under more than 2,000 brand names.

Different types of pesticide are used to control different types of pest:

  • Insecticides are used to kill flies, beetles, caterpillars, termites and other insects.
  • Herbicides are used to kill grass, shrubs and other weeds.
  • Rodenticides are used to kill rats and mice.
  • Fungicides are used to kill moulds and fungus.

For each type of pesticide, there are many different chemicals on sale. Each chemical has a common name and a brand name. The pesticide label must mention the brand name and the common name. Sometimes the label also includes a complicated scientific name; for example, the scientific name of Paraquat is: “1,1’-dimethyl-4, 4’bipyridium”.

There is usually more than one brand name for each chemical (and some chemicals have hundreds of brand names). For example:

TypeCommon nameBrand names
InsecticideMethyl parathionFolidol, Paramet, Parathion methyl
MalathionMalaphos, Malathion
PropoxurBaygon, Raid
MethamidophosMonitor, Methamidophos, Tamaron 600 SL
HerbicideParaquatGramoxone, Paraquat
GlyphosateRoundup, Touchdown, Glyphosate 48
Pesticide label
Label of an insecticide. The label shows the trade name, the common name (Dicrotophos), the scientific name, and warning signs about the toxicity of the product.
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