Pesticides only affect farmers, right?

Wrong. Not only farmers, but everybody should be concerned about pesticides.

Although farmers have more contact with these chemicals, and suffer more problems, other people come also into contact with pesticides. This is how:

  • Food that is sold and eaten often contains pesticide residues. The amounts are usually small, but if we eat these residues every day they can make us sick.
  • Pesticides from farms can get into the air, soil and water, creating a risk for everybody.
  • Factories that make pesticides, and shops that sell them, are sometimes located close to residential areas; this increases the possibility that these chemicals will contaminate the environment in which people are living.
  • Pesticides are also used in homes, offices, schools and factories to control cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites and other pests.
Tangerine in market
Everybody eats fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables we buy in our markets and shops can contain toxic residues of pesticides.
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