Role Play Healthy Seed


This “Role Play on Healthy Seed” will make FFS participants understand about the benefit of good seed and what would happen if someone is not aware of producing good seed. It is a role play by a group of participants (preferably 6) who pretend to be bad seeds and blame their bad qualities on the farmer who did not take proper measures during in the production process.


  1. To create understanding on the importance of quality seed.
  2. To learn about management practices which help producing quality seed.


  • 20 minutes


  • None


  1. The facilitator selects 6 participants and takes them few minutes apart to instruct them on the role they have to act.
  2. Other participants are sitting in a circle. The role play will be acted in the middle of the circle.
  3. The 1st person enters the circle. He is a depressed man wearing torn clothes or half bare body. He will pretend to be a man with broken legs. He will be weeping and says “I’m very ill, I have broken my legs, I have a lot of pain. Nobody wants to listen to my problems. Will you please listen to my words of pains? Then listen to that……” (then the 1st person disappears)
  4. The 2nd person appears with broken leg and saying: “When I was in the field, I could not get sufficient food because the farmer did not apply balanced fertilizer. I was always in stress for scarcity of food and water. That’s why I have ill health.” (then sits down weeping)
  5. The 3rd person appears, crying and saying: “When I was in the field, weeds took away a major share of my food because the farmer did not weed the field. I could not breathe and grow up properly.” (then sits down weeping)
  6. The 4th person appears with broken leg and saying: “I’m infected by diseases. You see some holes in my body which have been developed due to insect infestation. The farmer did not protect me. I will live not much longer. Oh! Oh!” (then sits down weeping )
  7. The 5th person appears, crying and saying: “I’m not pure. I’ve got some unwanted characteristics. Nobody went for roughing when I was in the field. I have lost my own character and cannot work properly any more.” (then sits down weeping )
  8. The 6th person appears and saying: “My body is full of water. I became susceptible to insect and disease during storage. You see my rotten body, oh! What a bad smell. It seems I have got cancer. I’ll die very soon.” (will sit down weeping )
  9. The first person now appears again, saying “You have listened to my story of pains. I’m a seed and all those bad things happened to me. This time it is not possible for me to give you good yield. If you don’t put some extra effort to make me healthy, like good fertilization, good water management, good pest management, would I be able to give you good result? Certainly not. You cannot hope for that. If you think so you are a foolish, foolish, foolish!”
  10. Now the facilitator comes in and leads a short discussion on healthy seed.

Some guidelines for discussion

  1. What happened to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th seed and why?
  2. What messages did we get from the 1st person during his last visit?
  3. What we have learnt from this role play?
  4. Why do we have to take extra care for our seeds?
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