Collecting insects with a sweep net

Collecting insects

FFS farmers learn about collecting insects.

How to collect insects?

    Collecting insects with a sweep net

  • By hand
    • Provide plastic bags or boxes
    • Use an aspirator for collecting small insects
    • Use a water pan
    • Search all plant parts and near plants
      • Stem
      • Leaves
      • Flowers
      • Fruits
      • Roots
      • Soil
      • On weeds
  • Sweep nets
    • Use them to catch flying insects
  • Collecting insects with yellow sticky traps

  • Traps
    • Use sticky traps to discover small insects (pests, natural enemies, neutrals)
    • Pitfall trap to catch insects that walk on the ground
    • Light traps

Collecting insects with an aspirator

Why collect insects?

  • For identification
    • Know what is there: pests, natural enemies, neutrals.
  • For insect zoo.
    • Study life cycles
    • Study behavior: feeding habits, parasitization, etc.
    • Set small experiments
  • For preservation.
    • Make a reference collection
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